About Us

The mission of Sheepdog P.A.C.K. (Protection Advancement Concepts & Knowledge.) Training Company is to provide quality training to professionals and civilians in order to protect themselves as well as others more effectively and efficiently. We base our training on protecting ourselves or others by utilizing advanced concepts and knowing how to implement those concepts. Sheepdogs can be anyone that has made the conscious decision to become more than just a sheep, they want to be a protector of sheep. Sheepdogs don’t necessarily have to be in Law Enforcement or the Military as a profession.

We are a Christian company and here at Sheepdog P.A.C.K Training Co. we believe that the more well trained Sheepdogs we have in the world the less likely the Wolf (Bad Guys) will try to attack. But if the Wolf attempts to prey on the innocent sheep, the goal of Sheepdog P.A.C.K. Training Co. is that they will be met with a P.A.C.K of highly trained Sheepdogs that are prepared to do what is necessary to stop the Wolf.

We take civilians that aren’t necessarily Professional Sheepdogs but may have the same ability and mentality of Professional Sheepdogs and train them to be a part of the Sheepdog P.A.C.K. These civilians that we turn into Sheepdogs are vital to stopping Wolf attacks because they do not look or act like a typical Professional Sheepdog and the Wolf would never expect it.

Sheepdog P.A.C.K. Training Co. will train all Professionals and Civilians that want to learn better ways to protect themselves and others against the Wolf. We specialize in everything from Firearms training and tactics, to self-defense and control tactics, with more focus on responding to active attacks. We will also provide LTC classes as well as Reality Based Scenario training that will allow you to better prepare your mind, which in turn will speed your reaction and response to an attack. We can also provide corporate group training on how to respond to Active Attacks in a business or corporate setting.

Our target market for this business is Law Enforcement, Military Professionals, and Civilians with an emphasis on Civilians. Due to the recent events in our society with random attacks on innocent civilians we want to empower select civilians to become Sheepdogs. We want to train them to respond effectively to an attack when one occurs. This is because it is more likely that these Civilian Sheepdogs will be present before a Professional Sheepdog. 

Empowering Civilians to become more like Sheepdogs has always been a touchy subject. There are many Professional Sheepdogs that don’t agree with teaching Sheepdog tactics to civilians. The difference in our belief at Sheepdog P.A.C.K. Training Co. is that we are willing to trust this select group of people and provide them with the knowledge and training to better protect themselves and their families. In turn by having more Sheepdogs that are properly trained to respond to these random attacks will limit the number of innocent civilians that would be injured or killed.


Nick Guadarrama

Owner / Instructor

Nick served 4 years (2000-2004) in the United States Marine Corps, and was in the Infantry attached to a Weapons Platoon with experience in explosives.

After the Military he worked in Private Security until he began his career in Law Enforcement. He has been in Law Enforcement since 2010 and is currently attached to an SRT (Special Response Team) Unit with a local police agency. He has completed many tactical shooting proficiency schools, to include SWAT and High Risk PSD (Personal Security Detail) School. He has proven his proficiency with many different firearm and tactical platforms to include shooting competitively.

Nick is a TCOLE Instructor, TCOLE Firearms Instructor, Defensive Tactics Instructor, ALERRT Adjunct Instructor, FLETC Active Shooter Threat Instructor, and an FX Simulations Instructor. Nick also serves as a Reality Based Training OIC, Reality Based Training Safety Officer, and a Range Safety Officer with his Agency. He is also a Texas LTC Instructor and a Texas Private Security Classroom and Firearms Instructor. Nick is a strong Christian who loves teaching and sharing his knowledge. He believes everyone needs to possess the skill and knowledge to defend themselves and their families.